About Us

African Agriculture News is a daily digital destination about advanced african research in agronomy. We share the latest agricultural news, trends, special reports and rural lifestyle – dynamic site for a forward-thinking industry. Select the subjects you want to know more about and delve into this caadp.net.

We are independent and neutral, and every day we provide content about African Agriculture which educate and inform many people in Africa and all over the world.

The publication’s success send back the growing emphasis accumulated on the development of the agricultural sector by brining to goverment’s attention all the issues and help the agencies all over the continent of Africa. Here is the only publish network to effectively insuate this market and make awareness of all the problems in Africa.  

We do this accross 3 categories:

Africa News Category We post the daily news and inform millions of people about the current agricultural situation in Africa. African Agriculture News is a voice of, by and about the whole continent of Africa- collecting, producing and distributing hundred news and information pieces daily.

African Agriculture Categoy: Agriculture in Africa is a signifcant factor in social and economic sectors. Over 65 percent of the total population of sub-Saharan Africa is local farmers, and 20 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP belongs to agriculture. As yet, Africa’s full potential in agriculture is still not used. Our aim is to highlight and bring more attention to all these issues.

Art & Culture Category: As a continent Africa has a very rich culture that it changes from one country to another and also within regions. Each ethnic group  holds together the authentic traditonal practicies and rites, music, art, literature, social fabrics through which different identities are created.

African art, spesifically sub-Saharan Africa, counts media such as pottery, masks, painting, sculpture, textiles, jewlery, rock art and personal decoration which is represented also as the visual arts of native Africa