COMMUNIQUÉ: Promouvoir le commerce régional en Afrique centrale

une étape clé sur la voie vers la réalisation des objectifs de la déclaration de Malabo
23 November 2015

Une conférence régionale visant à promouvoir le commerce agricole et les chaînes de valeur en Afrique centrale se déroule depuis lundi 16 novembre à Malabo, en Guinée équatoriale, où a été conclue la Déclaration historique de Malabo pour accélérer la croissance agricole en Afrique.

Promoting regional agricultural trade and value chains in Central Africa

17 November 2015

In Central Africa, agriculture is key to economic development. In some countries of the sub-region, over 60 per cent of the population live in a rural environment; while 50 per cent of the working population involve in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural policies of the Central African countries follow a number of different approaches, depending on their urbanisation levels and their strategies with regard to the exploitation of natural resources. 

Malabo meeting to scale up regional agricultural trade and value chains

by Angel Navuri
17 November 2015

This year’s conference on promoting Regional Agricultural Trade and Value Chains kicked off on Monday this week bringing on board a number of key actors involved in agricultural trade and the development of the region's priority sectors (in particular staple food).

The conference that is being held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea has involved representatives of the regional integration institutions, specialist regional agencies, producers' organizations, traders, processors, agro-food companies, chambers of agriculture, warehouse managers, bankers and insurers.

Postcard from Kenya: Documenting Agricultural experiences from across the Continent

18 October 2015

Today I woke up in the world's 47th largest country. It is from this country that Africa's highest mountain can be seen – the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Today I woke up in a country in which coffee is the biggest income generator. I woke up in the home of the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I woke up in the country of the Masai people, its wildlife unrivaled by any other in the world. It is here that one can witness the famous wildebeest migration.